the spanish love deception

Catalina Martín finds herself in need of a date for her sister’s wedding after lying about having an American boyfriend. With only four weeks to find someone to accompany her to Spain and fool her family, she reluctantly accepts the offer of her colleague Aaron Blackford. Despite finding him aggravating and insufferable at work, Catalina realizes that he may be her best option and starts to see a different side of him as the wedding approaches.

six of crows

Step into the gritty world of Ketterdam, a city fueled by money, power, and greed, where criminal mastermind Kaz Brekker is offered a job that could make him richer than he ever imagined. But to pull off the impossible heist, he needs a crew of misfits with unique talents – a vengeful convict, a daring sharpshooter, a privileged runaway, a mysterious spy, a powerful Heartrender, and a gifted thief. These six outcasts must put aside their differences and work together to save the world from destruction.